Advantages of Staying in Services Apartment During Your Stay in Singapore

Today Singapore is an epitome of what a modern city should be. Modern buildings for residential and commercial purposes are available, the city is well planned and organized. People are disciplined and unlike most major cities in the world, the roads and major thoroughfares are clean and neat. They are void of any form of unsightly trash or garbage. These qualities of modern Singapore attract people from neighboring countries and from anywhere around the world to come here.

service apartments in Singapore

People come to Singapore for various reasons, some would be investors or was sent over by the company they are working for to attend a convention, training or seminar. Regardless of the reason and purpose for their coming, they require a good and cozy place to live in for the entire duration of their stay. While hotels may offer luxurious accommodations, it’s not a practical option especially if you will stay in Singapore for a month or so. The best option so far is to get your own unit at The SAIL serviced apartments. The serviced apartments in Singapore are better alternative to having hotel accommodations if you consider the costs.

The SAIL service apartments in Singapore are reputed to provide their clients cozy service apartment singapore short stayaccommodations just how a hotel does. Situated right in the heart of the city, this residential complex gives you easy access to almost everything, right from shopping malls, supermarkets. You even have easy access to night clubs and disco houses, providing you a good way to relax on a weekend after a stressful day at work. Whether you are in Singapore for a long or short stay serviced residence Singapore is your best recourse.

Why? Serviced Apartment Singapore versus Hotel

Why choose The SAIL serviced apartments Singapore over what a luxury hotel can offer? Choosing serviced apartment Singapore have a number of advantages that must be taken into account when visiting Singapore. Here are a few of the reasons why:

• Cheaper Cost Serviced Apartment

Staying in a serviced apartment is more practical because of cheaper costs. If you wish not to compromise your comfortable standard of living while in Singapore and don’t want to feel being ripped off at the end of the day, serviced apartments Singapore short stay is what you need.

• Serviced Apartment Provide Top of the Line Amenities

It is such an understatement to think that serviced apartments in Singapore are second-rate and shabby in nature. On the contrary, it is the exact opposite. Serviced residence Singapore also offers high caliber features and amenities that you find in most expensive 5 star hotels. This way you get the best value for your money without spending too much.


• Entertainment in Your Own Serviced Residence

If you are on your own here in Singapore or even if you have company with you, you would naturally want to have some form of light entertainment to perk you up or maybe to help you unwind yourself after a busy day that you just had. Moreover when we are away from home and family, light entertainment can be a good way to distract yourself from missing home and loved ones so much. You will experience all these here in The Sails Serviced Apartments.

• Stay Connected During Your Stay in Serviced Apartment

Most service apartments have direct dial telephone that has an STD / ISD facility. Additionally, a personal computer would be available for your use. Thus you don’t have to worry about missing important emails as you can still stay connected to the online world. If you bring your laptop with you, WI-Fi connectivity is always available in our serviced residences.
service apartments in Singapore

• You can Cook in Your Apartment but not in Hotel

If you are handy in the kitchen and prefer to cook your own meals for yourself, serviced apartments Singapore short stay are furnished with modern kitchen complete with sets of cutlery, gas stove, dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator. You can cook your own food at anytime that you want to, the way you want to. This is also a good way to save more money as opposed to eating at a fancy restaurant every time you feel hungry.
service apartment singapore short stay

• Accessibility

As earlier mentioned, The SAIL serviced apartments gives you easy access to almost everything since it is literally at the very heart of the metropolis. Plus, you can take advantage of the MRT (a public train transport) which is located below the residential complex. Thus you don’t need to hail a taxi cab to bring you to your destination.


• Great view of the Marina Bay Sands and Harbour

service apartments
Be the envy of your friends back home with a great view of this popular landmark in Singapore right in your own unit at The SAIL. It is such a comforting feeling that you can come home to a great view such as this.

There are various other reasons why it is more advantageous to stay in The SAIL Serviced Apartments. A lot more may actually come to you as a surprise when you pay us a visit. But then again we don’t want to spoil it. We want to give you the impression that The SAIL Serviced Apartments are your home away from home.

service apartments in Singapore