Better Accommodations for Expats in Singapore

Thousands of people come to Singapore for a variety of reasons. Some of them wanted to take a tour of this country and have a good first-hand look at the snazzy skyscrapers and many other modern architectural wonders that Singapore currently have. A great number of people coming into Singapore are expats. Most of them are professionals from the neighboring countries and some are from the other parts of the globe, too. Professionals as they are they have come to realize that they could have a very promising future here in Singapore, so they come


If you are from another country and the reason you’re coming to Singapore is purely business purposes but what concerns you most is if you need to stay in a hotel or not, then better expat accommodation Singapore is something you should be aware of. Living a life as an expat in Singapore is at its fullest since you get the same attractive features and accommodations that usually only hotels are known to provide, but in reality The SAIL serviced apartments makes them available for you, too.

Staying In a Hotel?

Did you know that staying in Singapore short term rental serviced apartment is way more practical and offers greater convenience than having a 5 star hotel accommodation? You can actually get the same luxurious accommodations that you get from a hotel in a serviced apartment. If you are expat, you need to find a good expat accommodation Singapore. Living in The SAIL serviced apartment is similar to living and having your second home, your home away from home.2

The SAIL serviced apartments are ideal for expats and business investors, who may need to stay in Singapore for less than a year. This residential complex is located right in the heart of the city and thus you have better access to almost everything you may ever have a need for like shopping malls and supermarkets. Additionally, if you want to have a taste of night life in Singapore The SAIL serviced apartments itself have a close proximity to such establishments. A number of popular nightclubs and disco houses can be found in a close range from where The SAIL is located. Plus, since The SAIL residential units itself are located at the topmost part of the building, it provides you a magnificent panoramic view of the city and yonder you have a great view of the Marina Bay Sands and Harbour. It provides a good backdrop for relaxing view of the metropolis come night time. It is perfect if you are going to host a cocktail party, sure your guests will truly enjoy your place and the view you have. Locals consider having a unit to live in at The SAIL serviced apartments a symbol of prestige and it is something that anyone should be proud of.


It you will reserve a room in a hotel for yourself, you should expect that you will shell out a good amount of money for this as opposed to staying instead in a serviced apartment. You need to find a Singapore short term rental for a week long accommodation if you plan to stay in Singapore just for a short while, or you may opt to have an extended stay if you are enjoying so much of your vacation and wanted more out of it.

Finding Yourself a Serviced Apartment

Here are the 3 major ways you can find a serviced apartment:

  1. Perform a web research.

  • Much like the same way we do when we need to find or looking for something, you can do a Google research so we can see our available options. Google, Yahoo and Bing are popular search engines you can use for this task.

Use local publications

– Make use of print ads found in newspapers, though what you can find available here could somehow be limited or there could be none at all.

  1. Get referrals

  • If you have friends or a close kin who have stayed before in a serviced apartment, you may request that they refer you to them. This is a good chance for you to further know other advantages, aside from having cheaper rates, of staying in a serviced apartment from people who had the experience prior to you.

The SAIL @ Marina Bay is a prime choice when it comes to service apartment accommodations, providing you a great view of the Marina Bay Sands and Harbour. Great things await you here and we see to it that you get to enjoy your stay in Singapore without leaving your pocket empty and dry.

Today the serviced apartment sector is a fast growing industry and is becoming more popular than ever. Standard rates are cheaper while offering great convenience and the same features and amenities that you can usually find in a luxury hotel. But here in The SAIL @ Marina Bay we offer you so much more.